1: What is Mars?
a) An asteroid
b) A planet
c) A moon

3: What is the surface of Mars covered with?
a) Water
b) Sticky green slime
c) Reddish-brown dust

5: How long is a year on Mars?
a) 365 Earth days
b) One Earth day
c) 687 Earth days

7: How tall is Mars’ giant volcano?
a) 100 miles (160 km) tall
b) 14 miles (22 km) tall
c) 14 feet (4.3 m) tall

9: How deep is Mars’ huge canyon?
a) Three times as deep as the Grand canyon
b) 100 times as deep as the Grand canyon
c) Not as deep as the Grand canyon

2: How big is Mars?
a) The same size as Earth
b) Three times the size of Earth
c) Smaller than Earth

4: What color is the sky on Mars?
a) Pinkish-orange
b) Black
c) Bright blue

6: What is the name of Mars’ giant volcano?
a) Olympus Mons
b) Mount Everest
c) Mount St. Helens

8: If the volcano was set down on Earth, what
could it cover?
a) All of Arizona
b) All of the United States
c) The Atlantic Ocean

10: What are Mars’ two moons called?
a) KitKat and Snickers
b) Ganymede and Callisto
c) Phobos and Deimos

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11: Which statement is true?
a) Mars is the nearest planet to the Sun.
b) Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun.
c) Mars is the seventh planet from the Sun.

13: How long does it take Mars to rotate, or spin, around once?
a) Nearly 25 hours
b) Two weeks
c) 25 days

15: Which of these statements is false?
a) Mars is a very hot planet.
b) Mars is a very dusty planet.
c) Mars is a very cold planet.

17: Which of these statements is false?
a) The Curiosity rover is a robot.
b) The Curiosity rover is a new type of car.
c) The Curiosity rover landed on Mars.

19: What is Curiosity’s mission?
a) To search for aliens on Mars.
b) To study soil and rocks on Mars.
c) To fly to Jupiter from Mars.

12: Who is Mars named after?
a) The person who invented the candy bar
b) The Roman god of chocolate
c) The Roman god of war

14: Which of these statements is true?
a) Venus is smaller than Mars.
b) Mars is smaller than Jupiter.
c) Mars is farther from the Sun than Uranus.

16: How many astronauts have visited Mars?
a) 2
b) 12
c) 0

18: How big is the Curiosity rover?
a) As big as Arizona
b) As big as a school bus
c) As big as a car

20: Which of these statements is true?
a) There was once water on Mars.
b) There are trees growing on Mars.
c) There are giant footprints on Mars.

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