The Food We Eat
The Food We Eat
Hbk: 978-1-910549-52-0
Pbk: 978-1-910549-53-7

A Place to Call Home
A Place to Call Home
Hbk: 978-1-910549-44-5
Pbk: 978-1-910549-45-2

Time for School
Time for School
Hbk: 978-1-910549-46-9
Pbk: 978-1-910549-47-6

Time to Play
Time to Play
Hbk: 978-1-910549-48-3
Pbk: 978-1-910549-49-0

Celebrations and Special Days
Celebrations and Special Days
Hbk: 978-1-910549-42-1
Pbk: 978-1-910549-43-8

The Clothes We Wear
The Clothes We Wear
Hbk: 978-1-910549-56-8
Pbk: 978-1-910549-57-5

Everybody Needs Water
Everybody Needs Water
Hbk: 978-1-910549-50-6
Pbk: 978-1-910549-51-3

How We Get Around
How We Get Around
Hbk: 978-1-910549-54-4
Pbk: 978-1-910549-55-1

Each title in the My World Your World series introduces young readers to the lives of children from many different countries and cultures. The series highlights the diversity of children’s lives, but also celebrates and examines the ways in which children worldwide are very much alike.

Spread from: A Place to Call Home

Spread from: The Food We Eat

'My World Your World' Book Reviews

"I am always on the look-out for good quality non fiction books for KS1 pupils, so I was thrilled to be sent this selection of books from Ruby Tuesday Books, which will be brilliant for classroom, library and home use. The topics tie in perfectly with the KS1 curriculum too.

As the series title suggests, these books encourage children to compare what happens in different parts of the world. It's an excellent way to show children how other cultures live and, in many cases, to appreciate what they have.

Each book is supported by additional information which can be found on the Ruby Tuesday website - this is really valuable, especially for teachers looking for supplementary information to support their teaching.

Ruby Tuesday say their books are "Books to spark a love of reading and discovery" - from what I have seen so far, they certainly do that. I am very impressed with Ruby Tuesday books and I am really looking forward to seeing what else they have to offer."

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* Hbk: £10.99
Pbk: £6.99

* Size: 203 x 254 mm
* Pages: 24
* Format:
Hbk and Pbk

* Nonfiction text developed by literacy experts
* Accessible, fun facts that kids will love
* Beautiful full colour photos
* Each book includes a world map that shows all the
places featured in the book

* Geography
* Nonfiction reading