Blood, Poo
& Dead Skin
Blood, Poo
& Dead Skin:
The Things Insects Eat
Pbk: 978-1-78856-001-6

Corpses, Cats
& Mouldy Cheese
Corpses, Cats
& Mouldy Cheese:
The Places Insects Live
Pbk: 978-1-78856-000-9

Disguises, Explosions
& Boiling Farts
Disguises, Explosions
& Boiling Farts:
Bizarre Insect Defences
Pbk: 978-1-78856-003-0

Intestines, Zombies
& Jumping Beans
Intestines, Zombies
& Jumping Beans:
Extraordinary Insect Life Cycles
Pbk: 978-1-78856-002-3

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The lives and habits of insects can be truly incredible.
Some, however, are so gross you probably won’t even want to read about them.
Oh. . .You do?


Each book in this new series is packed with truly unbelievable facts about some of the smallest members of the animal kingdom. From wasps that turn cockroaches into zombies to help them take care of their larvae, to beetles that repel predators with stinking, poisonous, boiling-hot farts.

Perfect for reluctant readers, these books deliver curriculum science in the creepiest, yuckiest way possible!

Spread from: Blood, Poo & Dead Skin

Spread from: Corpses, Cats & Mouldy Cheese

Spread from: Disguises, Explosions & Boiling Farts

Spread from: Intestines, Zombies & Jumping Beans

Blood, Poo
& Dead Skin spread
Corpses, Cats
& Mouldy Cheese spread
Disguises, Explosions
& Boiling Farts spread
Intestines, Zombies
& Jumping Beans spread

* Size: 280 x 210 mm
* Pages: 32
* Format: Pbk

* Perfect for reluctant readers
• Facts that readers will love and want to share
• Curriculum science in a fun, yucky package
* Incredible macro photography

* Life Sciences

* £7.99