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Tiny Fingers and
Fuzzy Orange Hair
Pbk: 978-1-911341-61-1

A Spiny Back and
Green Scaly Skin
Pbk: 978-1-911341-59-8

Enormous Ears and
Soft Brown Hair
Pbk: 978-1-911341-57-4

Tiny Paws and
Big Black Eyes
Pbk: 978-1-911341-62-8

A Giant Egg and
Fluffy Feathers
Pbk: 978-1-911341-58-1

A Tiny Beak and
Spiky Feathers
Pbk: 978-1-911341-60-4

From: Tiny Paws and Big Black Eyes (Panda)

From: Tiny Fingers and Fuzzy Hair (Orangutan)

From a fluffy ostrich chick to a tiny, newborn giant panda, this new series introduces readers to some adorable baby animals. Not every baby looks like its parents, so after meeting each little creature at the start of their book, readers will turn the page to discover who the baby animal belongs to. Readers will learn how animal mums and dads care for their young. And they will see how each baby animal grows, changes and gets ready for its adult life.

• High frequency words
• Unfamiliar vocabulary supported by images and labels
• Picture glossary
• Quiz questions and notes for teachers and parents

6 Book Set Pbk
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Pbk: 978-1-911341-63-5

* Size: 170 x 140 mm
* Pages: 24
* Format: Pbk

* Non-fiction text developed by literacy experts
* Accessible, fun facts that kids will love
* Beautiful full colour photos

* Non-fiction reading
* Science

* £4.99
* 6 Book Pbk Set: £25.00